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works hard [18 Feb 2004|05:05am]
not so much graveyard, but all this shyt we have to go through in order to live together. i cant believe that this stupid PSRB is such a dominating factor. i asked him even, worst case scenario how long do we have, he said 11 years. can you imagine? i dont even wanna go into details. im rather private about it. but... i just wanted to vent a lil. and alas, i have not many friends, and im sure josh is tired of hearing about it, as theres really nothing we can do, outside of what we're allready doing. i hope he gets complete discharge this spring or summer. i dont know if i can deal with all this bogus shyt.
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V-D [16 Feb 2004|11:06pm]




this is it real clear and close up. my exact ring. from my exact...

fuck yeah! [28 Dec 2003|03:02pm]
the most awesome thing happened to me today.
first i have to tell the story-

a few days ago a boy came into my store with a septum ring i almost jumped on the counter i was like telling him how jealous i was because i miss mine so much, hes like, why didnt you just use a retainer? and he was like how long ago did u have it, when did u take it out etc.... he was like, i had mine then took it out, then it went right thru. (i think he went to jail for a while) i was dreaming in and out of sleep just now, and i was dreaming he brought me a retainer and it pushed thru after going thru new growth, i woke up jumped out of bed, took the old lip ring out my ear and what the fuck- it went right thru!!! i still have my septum pierced! which is grrrr8 because its the best piercing on me. oh im so fuckin stoked.
things couldnt be better.
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mum takes secret photos [18 Nov 2003|07:17pm]

hold on
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sunny surrender [29 Oct 2003|07:36am]
the sun erupted yesterday.
i worked grave with this guy named chris, he said that sarah said that the district manager said that hes gonna transfer me to store 2o2. this is not only fourth party information but royally pisses me off. i like greg. i dont want to leave the bay area vibes. (gregs from sanfran) mama donna boarded her tony-bound flight to tampa this morning. god im jealous. shes gonna bring me somethin tho- i made her promise. no worky tonight. stretched a lie that miss karma's gonna love- bite me back for; but oh well, so is the letter.
ricky went home to medford on amtrack. did i introduce ricky?
hmm. im pretty much movin fer max back home after this appt with a doc for a chem eval- and its just gonna be me and rascal. im thinking ill tell josh i have a 48hr disease.
got birthday bux from gram- bigtime now baby- (still on the countdown) play nice kids. xo

that sucks that u have a b/f now [28 Oct 2003|04:30pm]
The skies clear and you are ready to soar with the eagles. The only problem is that you may be anchored to the depths of your own subconscious fears. It’s time to cut the safety line and let the primal winds carry you to places you’ve only experienced in your dreams. The world really is your oyster. Even if born of irritation, it’s time to become a pearl.

greg should be happy with me and i like the touch screen thingies at my new jobby. werkin grave tonight... chai tea please: hold the seroquel.

living life on lifes terms, or so ive heard [24 Oct 2003|02:49pm]
first application in, i get interviewed and hirded on the spot. they loved my experience i guess. the training today was long and lame, met this rad ass chick from pensicola tho. she had awesome neck tats. we were talking about campin, and urban camp... she just came here, spent the summer in alaska. theresa is her name, unfortunately we wont be working the same store- i dont start in store training til monday morning. which works positively great for me, because my lil bro johnny death squad is asking i chaperone and set up his 12th birthday dance party thingy tomorrow night. me and joshy are gonna do the deal and make sure nobodys playin 5minutes in the closset or spin the bottle. (tsk tsk) none uh that shyt on my watch!
i should go, planning on making mexican breakfast for dinner, and i need to go to the store. i live like so close to everything its creepy. i can see 45 volvos on my street. mostly of the station wagon breed. expecting phonecall from josh anyway. mama donna is in medford for the night, so we might just watch movies or spend much overdue time in the dungeon. xoxox miss yer ass too fucker!

us. at.dinner.w.my.rents [22 Oct 2003|04:54pm]

Keight & Josh


mamma donna "go on take the money and run" [19 Oct 2003|07:51pm]
havent written in so long. last night had dinner with josh and the rents... everything seemed to go good enough. we rode the max to 82nd, and hiked all the way to 47th. didnt get to joshs til 1230 lastnight, bad girl forgot my meds and im in medford, with mamma donna and mamma donnas momma. went to the glass slipper (a local bar) and had a coffee listenning to the live music. going back to pdx tomorrow- definitely gonna hit up a meet with josh matt and annie. oh! i gave annie this talisman for poets because that girl whipped out a fucking piece i coulda shit bricks for. i bought it wore it for a day and said to myself, its just something yer supposed to give away- kind of like when i sold that car for a fuckin dolla. i be on the karma payment plan and this is so- i swear to gods or fucking goddess--- that i am building a rad ass slice-o-life here in porty. took back all the nasty things ive said. everyday it just keeps gettin better. this guy donnas with says his uncle is kc from kc and the sunshine band. momma donnas momma is a dutchess. oh oh.
somethings finally for real. that's what its about....right? (rhetorical) believing we can go further than we've ever gone before. lets love ourselves for how far we've come. let's see how far we can go. and lets go there together. we each have to do our own work- but doing it together is what makes it work.

alka seltzer [07 Oct 2003|01:38pm]
You can fall into the trap of believing your own thinking today. It’s not that your thoughts are necessarily untrue. It’s just that you could be thinking all kinds of things, both real and unreal. Let your thoughts unwind your reality, but don’t get distracted by the ideas that bother you. Just watch them unfold as they do.

slumber option party [05 Oct 2003|01:38pm]
have had amazing few days. went to donnas. (now my momma donna) she has this rad ass basement room that shes been calling "my room" "keighty lets fix up yer room" "keighty bring these candles to yer room" really awesome. she wants to rent the entire basement level to me for 200. josh and me had dinner over there friday- went to lloyd center yesterday with matt and becky and their two witchlings, and zarah and annie and niel, and me and josh. looked at some shyt at spencers trying to find something for my brothers birthday. they are looking for a "church piece" (jewelry) went to saturday market again, found some roll on oils like scents of the masellis. and a couple of things id like to pick up fer lil J. Josh's 30 tomorrow. my familys crazy and wants him to come over for dinner. donna drinks beer but i dont mind. i had a dream that josh and i stole my uncles car. because we're both crazy in this treat-minty... im going to insert into his berfday card the treeked op-ivy quote as follows:
"Conditioned to self-interest
with emotions locked away
if thats what they call
then im glad WE are

straight thru them [30 Sep 2003|09:09pm]
"i dont need no fucking jacket- bitch!"
(big no-no) ran after him chasing him down ne47th and from accrossed the street yelling thru traffic: still bed-headed and sleepy eyed "im fucking sorry!" ill bet i looked as disasterous. he said: "you fucking metals can go to hell" But i aint no zinger. made cool shit and met new shrinker today. making plans for free tranny card here in the near. hiding hickeys. & god bless the max.

...telegraph memory... [28 Sep 2003|09:16am]
went with lil bro on max to hollywood and continued to ride the railway with matt and josh to fillmore/skidmore fountain place... they had tents and local bands and tons of booths with rad shit. reminded me of berkeley. definitely wanna go back next weekend. (when i accumulate some cash from these damned listings on ebay) johnny boy was good, just skated around, spare-changing for this wrist band he wanted. (he got it) i told the story of the time he was 5 or 6 downtown SR in socks and pyjamma pants and a 'jesus loves the withdrawls' shirt, going thru the fountain and up the escallator. yessum. today getting all day ticky so i can go to this park place with josh; and not be bothered with time restricting transfer rules. yum. ps., had this weird dream about talking to stab on the tele- she was cryne something wicked, saying strange shyt- so this mornin i beena thinkin- how is you?
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[25 Sep 2003|08:31am]
We start the day with the Moon in earthy Virgo, but it enters harmonious Libra at 6:48 pm as it moves toward the New Moon at 11:08 pm EDT. It’s a day of change, of new beginnings and there is some resistance to the changing of the guard. Venus, who usually is not a problem, now squares harsh Saturn from one side and revolutionary Chiron from the other as Saturn and Chiron stand opposite each other in a very slow-moving cosmic dance. This symbolizes the power of love, especially when healing deeply rooted fears that stem from experiences in our past.
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blue line [24 Sep 2003|07:56am]
i rode the max and met for the first time yesterday, had an amazing time, going to the fountain something or other district and to hawthorne which is like the haight of p-land. (or so i gather) i opened my letter on joshs porch, it was nice because i dont think ive ever been as happy unless i was shit faced or some shyt. (be jealous i recieved the nicest letter anyone could ever have gotten!) Josh bought me a crystal to wrap in some hemp if i wanna. (retired expired hippie) matt said before laughing hysterically: its elementry: and the only ones who dont notice is us. (or some shyt) yeah. had a nice rad ass fucking night. until i de-railed the train. no i boarded and sat and listened to some dumb highschool kid talking about lameass tattoos he wants to get and the girl he and his friend were with kept coughing and asking "like a REAL tattoo?" i wanted to slap them all. but i whipped out my book on druids instead. smiled the whole way cuz no one ever holds my hand.
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THOR [21 Sep 2003|04:01pm]
Lo, There Do I See My Father
Lo, There Do I See My Mother
My Sisters And My Brothers
Lo, There Do I See My People
Back To The Beginning
Lo, There Do They Call To Me
And Bid Me To Take My Place
In The Halls Of Valhalla
Where The Brave May Live Forever

sat-er-day [21 Sep 2003|02:12pm]
was gr-r-8! went to house warming brought yummy vegan-ccnut cookies fer everyone, had a swell time. met many girls whom im excited about doing random shyt with. had a nice enough time smoking on the 4th floor balcony with j-boy hisself, too. (the elevator to this building was scaryashell) they did this house blessing with sage and the like, it was awesome actually. we are going out on tuesday eve for coffee and stroll round downtown p-land, taking the train thing- should be something. i need more mix tapes. told josh to make me one but i dunno. i like merris better. Ever ask for a mix tape from someone curious as to what it might come back at you tasting like? i do. have before and got really dis-uh-fucking-pointed. when someone is criminally insane they wont let them go to concerts of anykind for fifteen years. (true-statement) (mix tapes from them then become quickly outdated) im going to call some fabric places asking them for fabric donation. *making robes soon-soon. uh huh.

bass case [19 Sep 2003|06:11pm]
ive been casing online bass' for sale. im getting one sooner than later, which i am losing sleep over, im so excited. today was clammy at the shore there. (too much to explain) J is calling tonight with details for housewarming par-tae tomorrow. (this should be best of both worlds as i will also be seeing his 25cs) finished both bukowski books already and in midst of burroughs now. please rcmnd some reading fer me if you would be so kind, or happen to think on it. whatsoever things are lovely, keight xo
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The Meet [18 Sep 2003|07:55am]
there was a still safety about it. homeplate dusted and im there.round n round like. i listened mostly, talked and read aloud. each time i see those steps out on paper i feel like ive got this shiverring shout about to come out. 1/2 hearted hell yes! this is it! what its supposed to be, or what i might make it- recovery. and the other just as stupid for the stupidity of sobriety. "shrink-ity shrink-make me think.go to my sink- &vomit. clean it up with comet." thats from this stupid(er) movie.

red-headed-memories [13 Sep 2003|10:49am]

or she is stalked
threatened by her

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